Most requested erotic fantasies by men

Most requested erotic fantasies by men

          By their nature people tend to fantasize.

          Fantasy is a mechanism for everyone, which may become evident as imagination or enhancer of dreams and goals. In the sexual aspect, erotic fantasies are part of people’s natural mechanisms, these allow us not only to imagine meetings with our partner, but helps us to be more expressive and bolder in terms of sex.

          When you request a massage service at hotel it is good to know that there are some fantasies that men have and make them part of their own sexual gratification. You want to know which ones? Then do not miss this post.

          Most sought erotic fantasies

          Experts say that people are driven more by imagination, though they are not indifferent to other aspects that can awaken the senses. When it comes to eroticism and sensuality, men have fantasies such as:

          Be encouraged in certain areas: all people are different, so the incentive zones may vary, but there will always be the erogenous zones forming part of the fantasy. Men love to be caressed constantly, touched, kissed and  their erogenous zones to be licked as part of erotic fantasy.

          The fantasy is stimulated by two or more women: it is true that in most cases, many people seek the service of two or more women, as the famous four-handed massage, which is indeed one of the most popular erotic techniques, because it is also a part of people’s imagination. Two beautiful women, most often easily stimulates the sensual perception of men’s body.

          The happy ending: I heard and read many times that people have fantasies in which they want to ask for the famous happy ending, which is nothing more than a massage that ends at erogenous zone, which allows achieving an orgasm with ejaculation ending.

          Sex with the masseur: it is known that many people have this kind of fantasy in which they imagine that the masseuse walks inside in sensual way, applies the entire massage technique and then have sex with them. Many services include such findings and are more common than many might think.

          A massage with sexy lingerie: given that we are talking about fantasies regarding a massage at the hotel, another fantasy is based on the fact that many people ask the masseur to do the massage in a very sensual lingerie, and sometimes a specific color.

          These are some of the erotic and sensual fantasies that are most often requested, they can be considered as ideas that are worth trying with your partner.