About aphrodisiacs

About aphrodisiacs

          When we hear the word aphrodisiac, we think about sex, sexual potency, energy and joy. Aphrodisiacs have now become products or services that enable people to have a better sexual performance as individuals but can also be used to stimulate energy power business. There are also natural alternatives such as aphrodisiacs related to certain types of foods or substances that allow us to have energy and desire for mettings.

          While massage at hotel can help you transform your sexual energy, aphrodisiacs are the most widely used alternatives, but its it true what they say about them? Let’s start talking about the reality that lies behind the myth.

          Aphrodisiacs have gained popularity over the centuries and some have become more than a myth, a reality.There have been several studies on the myths and truths about food or drinks with a high potency considered to increase libido, see:

          Chocolate: I am sorry to disappoint you, but it is a proved myth in terms of power or sexual energy given by chocolate. While it has many health benefits, there is no relationship between a person who eats chocolate and the emergence of differences regarding sexual desire.

Ginseng: It is widely used as a traditional oriental medicine herb, but it is a proven enhancer that can be used as an aphrodisiac. In fact, it is widely used to treat diseases or conditions related to sexual performance.

Oysters or shellfish: it is known that many studies found that these foods are rich in zinc, a substance that helps produce testosterone, which allows more intense desires. However there is no scientific evidence to prove it, so it’s a myth. When offered massages at the hotel they are often accompanied by aphrodisiacs.

Ginkgo Biloba: is another type of traditional plant to which are attributed incredible answers in terms of health. According to recent studies that have been conducted, it is proven that this plant is also a substance which helps treat sexual potency problems, so this is another example of reality.

Strawberries: closely related to desire of sex, strawberries are indeed natural aphrodisiacs,  it simply is a fruit, which is usually used in sexual fantasies of the couple, but there is no evidence that it really can boost the sexual energy.

Honey: has also been considered for a long time as a natural aphrodisiac, but has only been shown to have healing properties in respiratory diseases, among others.

Onion: eating onion during meals  or other forms is considered an aphrodisiac, but it is a myth, because there were no scientific evidence to prove it.