Erogenous Zones By Zodiacal Sign

Erogenous Zones by Sign

          Although many people have not heard of it, or they are simply not interested in it, astrology has left its mark on the erotic ground.

          The truth is: every part of the body is governed by a star and gets to be a highly erotic energy. 

          People have vulnerabilities that helps us enjoy more intimate relationships that are created, and each sign of the zodiac determines this.

          If you were curious which part of your area is vulnerable … .Well it is time to reveal which one is it, according to your zodiac sign.


          Aries: the vulnerable area of this group of people is the head. Therefore, largely, they often appreciate caresses on the face, forehead, especially tender touches throughout hair and temples.


          Taurus: the erogenous zone of Taurus it is represented by the neck. Actually, there is nothing more exciting for a Taurus than more than a gentle whisper, hot breath on the neck and slight caress.


          Gemini: if you easily touch their shoulders, arms and hands, which are the most vulnerable parts, will you stimulate the representatives of this sign, both physically and mentally … everything can finish with a massage that they certainly will not refuse.


          Cancer: breasts and abdomen are the most sensitive parts of this sign. Cancer, an intuitive, loving and thoughtful can not stand to breasts, abdomen and sides of the torso kisses.


          Leo: In this case the center of the chest and the upper back are the sensitive areas par excellence. A combination of hands and lips to stimulate these parts will turn you into an erotic pump.


          Virgo: sensitive area of this sign is represented by belly – reacts magnificent to caresses – strongly getting excited especially if you try with them some games in water.


          Libra: sensitive areas of the zodiac sign Libra are the back area near the back of the buttocks and the sides of the trunk, especially the kidneys area. For them, there is nothing more interesting than an erotic massage along this zone.


          Scorpio: the strongest part of the body for scorpions are the sexual organs themselves. Caresses on both sides will lead to a world of pleasure.


          Sagittarius: in Sagittarius case, thighs and buttocks are the key points. Play with them, pull them, touch them gently – the effects certainly will not delay to occur.


          Capricorn: those of this sign get totally disconnect from everyday life when receiving a foot massage.


          Aquarius: Erogenous zones of the zodiac Aquarius are unquestionably feet and ankles. Any position that allows the touching of these two points, is for the Aquarius the stimulating of sexual desire.


          Pisces: For astral sign of Pisces, the foot is the most sensitive and erotic point of his body. A native of Pisces will respond well to massage around the tendon or around the heel. Are very receptive at swabbing the base leg or toes kissing.

          As you can see, erotic zones, according to the zodiac were studied so we can know about our bodies. Now we just need to put them into practice.

Massage in Bucharest

Massage In Bucharest

          During each journey, that moment when we finally reached our hotel room is appreciated. Even if it is not your bed, we will we provide a comfortable and relaxing place for you to rest and be ready to face with another day in the city. Night c ompanyat the hotel can be very exciting, but why not try something completely different?

          If you stay with your partner in a hotel in Bucharest, you have a unique experience without leaving your room. Because you deserve a good fad, a massage at the hotel is the best option to enjoy a sensory experience to another level, always with the privacy afforded by the hotel room.

          One of our masseuses will be enough to achieve the state of ecstasy. Everything that happens is naturally; it begins with a gentle massage using hands and body to interact slowly. Our masseuse will guide you to reach those points of absolute pleasure, a set of unforgettable sensations.

          Once you get a massage, it is most likely that your sexual relationship of the couple to harden, having the opportunity to explore together ways of achieving sensual ecstasy, ways that we’ve discovered during the massage session. Your connection will be stronger in every way and you will enjoy greater harmony.

One of our best masseuses who can perform massage at the hotel room is Blanca. She believes that eroticism should be experienced every day. Thus, along with Blanca, you’ll experience all kind of sensations: relaxation, absolute pleasure, excitement …. An explosive combination of contrasts that will not be forgotten and that will make you want to repeat it.

Do not hesitate to experiment all kinds of sensations. All you need to do is just to choose one of our massage therapists, set the time and wait for her to welcome you in your hotel room, in order to spend a completely different and unique evening.

Most requested erotic fantasies by men

Most requested erotic fantasies by men

          By their nature people tend to fantasize.

          Fantasy is a mechanism for everyone, which may become evident as imagination or enhancer of dreams and goals. In the sexual aspect, erotic fantasies are part of people’s natural mechanisms, these allow us not only to imagine meetings with our partner, but helps us to be more expressive and bolder in terms of sex.

          When you request a massage service at hotel it is good to know that there are some fantasies that men have and make them part of their own sexual gratification. You want to know which ones? Then do not miss this post.

          Most sought erotic fantasies

          Experts say that people are driven more by imagination, though they are not indifferent to other aspects that can awaken the senses. When it comes to eroticism and sensuality, men have fantasies such as:

          Be encouraged in certain areas: all people are different, so the incentive zones may vary, but there will always be the erogenous zones forming part of the fantasy. Men love to be caressed constantly, touched, kissed and  their erogenous zones to be licked as part of erotic fantasy.

          The fantasy is stimulated by two or more women: it is true that in most cases, many people seek the service of two or more women, as the famous four-handed massage, which is indeed one of the most popular erotic techniques, because it is also a part of people’s imagination. Two beautiful women, most often easily stimulates the sensual perception of men’s body.

          The happy ending: I heard and read many times that people have fantasies in which they want to ask for the famous happy ending, which is nothing more than a massage that ends at erogenous zone, which allows achieving an orgasm with ejaculation ending.

          Sex with the masseur: it is known that many people have this kind of fantasy in which they imagine that the masseuse walks inside in sensual way, applies the entire massage technique and then have sex with them. Many services include such findings and are more common than many might think.

          A massage with sexy lingerie: given that we are talking about fantasies regarding a massage at the hotel, another fantasy is based on the fact that many people ask the masseur to do the massage in a very sensual lingerie, and sometimes a specific color.

          These are some of the erotic and sensual fantasies that are most often requested, they can be considered as ideas that are worth trying with your partner.

About aphrodisiacs

About aphrodisiacs

          When we hear the word aphrodisiac, we think about sex, sexual potency, energy and joy. Aphrodisiacs have now become products or services that enable people to have a better sexual performance as individuals but can also be used to stimulate energy power business. There are also natural alternatives such as aphrodisiacs related to certain types of foods or substances that allow us to have energy and desire for mettings.

          While massage at hotel can help you transform your sexual energy, aphrodisiacs are the most widely used alternatives, but its it true what they say about them? Let’s start talking about the reality that lies behind the myth.

          Aphrodisiacs have gained popularity over the centuries and some have become more than a myth, a reality.There have been several studies on the myths and truths about food or drinks with a high potency considered to increase libido, see:

          Chocolate: I am sorry to disappoint you, but it is a proved myth in terms of power or sexual energy given by chocolate. While it has many health benefits, there is no relationship between a person who eats chocolate and the emergence of differences regarding sexual desire.

Ginseng: It is widely used as a traditional oriental medicine herb, but it is a proven enhancer that can be used as an aphrodisiac. In fact, it is widely used to treat diseases or conditions related to sexual performance.

Oysters or shellfish: it is known that many studies found that these foods are rich in zinc, a substance that helps produce testosterone, which allows more intense desires. However there is no scientific evidence to prove it, so it’s a myth. When offered massages at the hotel they are often accompanied by aphrodisiacs.

Ginkgo Biloba: is another type of traditional plant to which are attributed incredible answers in terms of health. According to recent studies that have been conducted, it is proven that this plant is also a substance which helps treat sexual potency problems, so this is another example of reality.

Strawberries: closely related to desire of sex, strawberries are indeed natural aphrodisiacs,  it simply is a fruit, which is usually used in sexual fantasies of the couple, but there is no evidence that it really can boost the sexual energy.

Honey: has also been considered for a long time as a natural aphrodisiac, but has only been shown to have healing properties in respiratory diseases, among others.

Onion: eating onion during meals  or other forms is considered an aphrodisiac, but it is a myth, because there were no scientific evidence to prove it.

Genital massage benefits

Genital massage benefits

          The erotic massage is undoubtedly the most interesting practice used by people.

          Thanks to its benefits, we can ensure our health and with its help we can find the purest pleasure. It is especially common in Eastern cultures: their beliefs are that the body can express itself and reach the divine world through the power of eroticism as a form of expression. This conception of sexual practice which is so profound arrived in the West and fascinated us. Among the various existing forms, the genital massage it is undoubtedly the most interesting of them all, as you might expect. With all the sensations that is  offering,  yields and benefits are not equal, so we shall  not forget that there are other areas of the body which can also be taken into account as erogenous areas.

          Most of our proposals include, among other techniques, the genital massage.

          Shiva erotic masseuses, who will come to your hotel room, will use Thai and Tantric techniques to relax your body until you are ready for more, more precisely, the way that you are constantly exicted by rubbing the hands on the genitals. Most erotic massage from our menu includes this fabulous experience. What exactly?

          Shiva Deluxe Massage: a massage at the height of the most demanding expectations, which you can enjoy now in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room. Undoubtedly it is the most complete massage as it passes through all the techniques, such as Tantric, thai …

          Massage Carpe Diem: Based on Thai techniques, you will reach a total physical and mental relaxation. In the second part, you will be guided to different positions that will lead you to a state of absolute relaxation; an unique Lingam experience and also prostate treatment.

          Supreme erotic massage with assisted shower: you can enjoy a shower assisted by the masseuse and a massage later, discovering the true essence of tantric postures of massage, Thai and sensual massage.

          Supreme erotic massage executed by 4 hands, with assisted shower: masseuses will perform this amazing “4 hands” massage using hands and whole body. You will notice how your body is enveloped in waves of pleasure and relaxation that will make this an unforgettable massage. Supreme erotic “4 hands” massage with assisted shower is something you should try at least once in life.