Genital massage benefits

Genital massage benefits

          The erotic massage is undoubtedly the most interesting practice used by people.

          Thanks to its benefits, we can ensure our health and with its help we can find the purest pleasure. It is especially common in Eastern cultures: their beliefs are that the body can express itself and reach the divine world through the power of eroticism as a form of expression. This conception of sexual practice which is so profound arrived in the West and fascinated us. Among the various existing forms, the genital massage it is undoubtedly the most interesting of them all, as you might expect. With all the sensations that is  offering,  yields and benefits are not equal, so we shall  not forget that there are other areas of the body which can also be taken into account as erogenous areas.

          Most of our proposals include, among other techniques, the genital massage.

          Shiva erotic masseuses, who will come to your hotel room, will use Thai and Tantric techniques to relax your body until you are ready for more, more precisely, the way that you are constantly exicted by rubbing the hands on the genitals. Most erotic massage from our menu includes this fabulous experience. What exactly?

          Shiva Deluxe Massage: a massage at the height of the most demanding expectations, which you can enjoy now in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room. Undoubtedly it is the most complete massage as it passes through all the techniques, such as Tantric, thai …

          Massage Carpe Diem: Based on Thai techniques, you will reach a total physical and mental relaxation. In the second part, you will be guided to different positions that will lead you to a state of absolute relaxation; an unique Lingam experience and also prostate treatment.

          Supreme erotic massage with assisted shower: you can enjoy a shower assisted by the masseuse and a massage later, discovering the true essence of tantric postures of massage, Thai and sensual massage.

          Supreme erotic massage executed by 4 hands, with assisted shower: masseuses will perform this amazing “4 hands” massage using hands and whole body. You will notice how your body is enveloped in waves of pleasure and relaxation that will make this an unforgettable massage. Supreme erotic “4 hands” massage with assisted shower is something you should try at least once in life.