Erogenous Zones By Zodiacal Sign

Erogenous Zones by Sign

          Although many people have not heard of it, or they are simply not interested in it, astrology has left its mark on the erotic ground.

          The truth is: every part of the body is governed by a star and gets to be a highly erotic energy. 

          People have vulnerabilities that helps us enjoy more intimate relationships that are created, and each sign of the zodiac determines this.

          If you were curious which part of your area is vulnerable … .Well it is time to reveal which one is it, according to your zodiac sign.


          Aries: the vulnerable area of this group of people is the head. Therefore, largely, they often appreciate caresses on the face, forehead, especially tender touches throughout hair and temples.


          Taurus: the erogenous zone of Taurus it is represented by the neck. Actually, there is nothing more exciting for a Taurus than more than a gentle whisper, hot breath on the neck and slight caress.


          Gemini: if you easily touch their shoulders, arms and hands, which are the most vulnerable parts, will you stimulate the representatives of this sign, both physically and mentally … everything can finish with a massage that they certainly will not refuse.


          Cancer: breasts and abdomen are the most sensitive parts of this sign. Cancer, an intuitive, loving and thoughtful can not stand to breasts, abdomen and sides of the torso kisses.


          Leo: In this case the center of the chest and the upper back are the sensitive areas par excellence. A combination of hands and lips to stimulate these parts will turn you into an erotic pump.


          Virgo: sensitive area of this sign is represented by belly – reacts magnificent to caresses – strongly getting excited especially if you try with them some games in water.


          Libra: sensitive areas of the zodiac sign Libra are the back area near the back of the buttocks and the sides of the trunk, especially the kidneys area. For them, there is nothing more interesting than an erotic massage along this zone.


          Scorpio: the strongest part of the body for scorpions are the sexual organs themselves. Caresses on both sides will lead to a world of pleasure.


          Sagittarius: in Sagittarius case, thighs and buttocks are the key points. Play with them, pull them, touch them gently – the effects certainly will not delay to occur.


          Capricorn: those of this sign get totally disconnect from everyday life when receiving a foot massage.


          Aquarius: Erogenous zones of the zodiac Aquarius are unquestionably feet and ankles. Any position that allows the touching of these two points, is for the Aquarius the stimulating of sexual desire.


          Pisces: For astral sign of Pisces, the foot is the most sensitive and erotic point of his body. A native of Pisces will respond well to massage around the tendon or around the heel. Are very receptive at swabbing the base leg or toes kissing.

          As you can see, erotic zones, according to the zodiac were studied so we can know about our bodies. Now we just need to put them into practice.